Borg Cabinetry and Renovations | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Collaborative Design

Collaborative Design    

Creating a project that truly meets your hopes, dreams and practical needs is dependent on ongoing communication and collaboration with clients. Philip brings extensive experience to your project, coupled with current research and data regarding materials, finishes, construction methodologies. He encourages you to bring photos, articles and web links that help to illustrate what you are seeking. He creates a design partnership with approaches that include:

  • Digital sketches for ease of sharing ideas, facilitating input, creating options in styles, locations and proportions that are customized to your specific setting.
  • Detailed project estimates, budgets and progress reports that can be easily updated when there are changes and emailed to you for review and approvals.
  • Ongoing communication with you, to ensure that changes requested can be built into the design, budget and timetable.